Get rid of "no shows" with automatic text reminders and close more deals

97% of texts are read within 3 minutes. Integrate your calendar with Hubspot or Pipedrive to send automatic SMS reminders to your leads before meetings.
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Your sales reps should be doing what they do best. Closing. Not rescheduling or chasing missed appointments.


of SMS messages are read


of email messages are opened

90 sec

is the avg response time of a text message

Stop throwing away your hard-earned leads

Maximize your earnings by incorporating automated SMS reminders into your lead funnel. Say goodbye to no-shows and make the most of every lead

Without SMS reminders

Lead calendar
Sales demo
Deal closed

With SMS reminders

Lead calendar
Sales demo
Deal closed
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SMS Reminders

Send reminders that actually get read

Email reminders don’t work well for time-sensitive messages like meeting reminders because they often don’t get read in time.

Make it easy for prospects to remember and join your meetings with automatic SMS reminders.

SMS Reminders Work
Did you know that 97% of texts are read within 3 minutes?

Meeting Landing Page

Make it easy for everyone to join your meetings

Every reminder you send can include a link to a branded landing page that includes all your meeting details.

Make it easy for meeting attendees to join your meeting with just one tap or click.

Use landing pages to help attendees remember the value of your meeting and increase your show rate.

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Targeted messaging

Customize both the content of your messages as well as the triggers and who receives them. Easily send targeted messages with powerful filters. Examples you can filter from include:
  • Meeting title or description must contain "demo."
  • Send an intro text 5 minutes after a meeting is booked.
  • Send a confirmation 24 hours before a meeting if the prospect hasn't confirmed.
  • Only send a message if the event was booked on a specific calendar.
  • Only send to either confirmed, tentative, or declined guests.

Want to see what the SMS reminders look like? We’ll send one to your phone.

See an example text with a link to an example landing page. Don’t worry we won’t save your number, send anything promotional, or share your information.

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Team dashboard 

View your entire team's upcoming meetings and scheduled reminders.

Aardvark makes it easy to organize reminders across your entire team and see how they're performing.

Built For Teams

Manage your team, messages, timing, triggers, and branding from one place.


Integrate with the platforms you use

Aardvark seamlessly integrates with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Google calendar, and Outlook calendar to make sending automating SMS messages a breeze.

We'll automatically match the meeting invitee from your calendar with the contact in Hubspot and send a text reminder to their phone number.

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