Introducing Aardvark 2.0

Introducing the newest version of Aardvark - the software that helps reduce "no shows" in sales appointments.

We completely rebuilt the entire application from the ground up to be more powerful in every way.

If you're a sales or marketing leader, you know the frustration of setting an appointment with a prospect only to have them not show up. It's not only a waste of time, but it can also be demotivating. That's where Aardvark comes in.

Aardvark integrates with your Hubspot CRM and calendar (Google or Outlook) to automatically send SMS reminders to your prospects. Why SMS reminders? Studies have shown that SMS reminders are much more effective than emails for appointment reminders. Not only do people check their text messages more frequently, but SMS reminders also get read more quickly, making them ideal for pre-meeting reminders.

New Features

The new version of Aardvark introduces some exciting new features, including the ability to schedule multiple reminders using powerful logic.

Sequence Logic

You can set reminders to be sent at a certain number of minutes or hours before or after an appointment and can send based on whether the prospect has confirmed, denied, or not responded to the calendar invite, or even based on the contents of the calendar event's title or description.


You can also send reminders to specific groups of people, such as confirmed guests, tentative guests, unconfirmed guests, and declined attendees.


But that's not all. Aardvark also allows you to personalize your messages using a variety of new personalization tokens. You can include the rep's name, the prospect's name, the rep or guest's email, the rep's mobile number, the guest's mobile number, the meeting location, the meeting day and time, the link to the meeting details landing page, and more.

This allows you to create powerful messaging sequences that increase the show rate of your prospects and ultimately drive more sales.

In short, Aardvark is a game-changer for salespeople and marketers who want to drive more pipeline. By plugging up the holes in your funnel and increasing your conversion rate, you'll have an edge against your competition and a higher chance of success in every campaign.

Try the new Aardvark today and start seeing the results for yourself.

Brenda Peralta

Mike Wille is a seasoned growth marketer and advisor at Aardvark, specializing in conversion and sales enablement. Based in Utah, Mike is passionate about teaching businesses data-driven strategies, tech innovations, and the psychology behind marketing. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the world of AI, VR, and crypto, all while savoring pretzels and root beer.