About Us

Welcome to Aardvark, your one-stop solution for automating SMS reminders and enhancing your meeting success rates. Our goal is simple: to help businesses eliminate the headache of missed appointments, thereby optimizing sales efforts and fostering better customer relationships.

Our journey began when, as seasoned marketers and sales professionals, we felt the sting of missed opportunities due to no-show meetings.

Realizing a need for a reliable, high-impact solution, we channeled our frustration into the creation of our ideal SMS reminder tool, one that seamlessly integrates with HubSpot and significantly reduces no-show rates.

Our Leadership Team

Aardvark, an innovative tool designed for efficiency and success, is the collective brainchild of three dedicated professionals. Drawing from their unique skills and experiences, they have come together to create a tool tailor-made for sales and marketing teams seeking to optimize their bottom-of-funnel performance through text messages.

Curtis Brown

(CTO, Founder)

As our technical co-founder, Curtis Brown lends his expansive knowledge of product development, honed through his roles as the VP of Product at Untangl and as Founder/CEO at Voxjar. His technical expertise has been vital in building the practical and intuitive functionalities of Aardvark.

Morgan Kotter

(Head of Operations, Founder)

Morgan Kotter, with his rich experience in marketing automation and customer success management, completes our co-founding team. His keen understanding of customer behavior and his ability to translate insights into effective strategies make him an integral part of Aardvark's success.

Morgan is deeply immersed in the world of tech, often found utilizing AI, creating automations, or creating new customer journeys. Beyond the screen, his adventurous spirit takes him rock climbing, mountain biking, and traveling Asia and Europe. He loves unwinding with his loyal Mini Australian Shepherd by his side and creating viral Tiktok videos

Mike Wille

(Growth Advisor, Investor)

Mike Wille, a seasoned growth marketer and advisor at Aardvark, brings his expertise in conversion, sales enablement, and product-led growth. A believer in data-driven growth strategies, Mike's contribution to Aardvark leverages his experiences as an advisor and investor in several successful B2B SaaS companies.

He enjoys all things tech, including AI, VR, crypto, and anything at the intersection of technology and psychology. He also loves pretzels and root beer.

Aardvark in Action

Aardvark's main strength is its proven effectiveness. Research shows that 97% of SMS messages are read within three minutes – a statistic that Aardvark leverages to ensure that your meeting reminders are seen and acted upon.

With Aardvark, you can customize your reminders and target specific customer groups using powerful filters. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your team's activities and performance, offering data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

Integration with existing tools is crucial for any efficient system, and Aardvark does just that. We offer seamless integrations with HubSpot, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.

Our Blog

We believe in equipping our customers with the latest best practices and insights. Our blog serves as a platform where we share our experiences, strategies, and tips on how to decrease no-show rates and enhance sales efficiency. Be sure to check out our latest post on how to reduce no-show rates by 53%.

Reach Out to Us

Thank you for stopping by! If you have any questions or would like further information, feel free to email us or follow us on Twitter at @varkio.

Address: 336 East University Pkwy #1011, Orem, UT 84058

Here's to fewer no-shows and more successful meetings!

Curtis Brown, Morgan Kotter and Mike Wille – The Aardvark Team.