How to Set Up Google Calendar Text Reminders

Google calendar is a great tool but it doesn't help much with reducing reducing "no shows." What if it could send you text reminders, reducing no-shows and increasing efficiency? Welcome to the world of Google Calendar text reminders!

Short Summary

  • Google Calendar sms reminders are a powerful tool to optimize scheduling and reduce no-shows.

  • Aardvark can provide an automated SMS integration service with Google Calendar.

  • Maximize the benefits of SMS reminders by providing personalized templates to your customers and clients.

Why Google Calendar Appointment Reminders Matter

Email reminders just don't cut it when it comes to reducing no-shows. Your customer's lives are filled with meetings, appointments, tasks, and events. SMS notifications are the best way to remind clients about an upcoming event on your calendar with you.

By sending SMS client reminders from your Google Calendar, you can optimize your scheduling and significantly minimize no-shows for your business.

But how effective is an SMS appointment reminder service? Sending an SMS appointment reminder has been shown to reduce no-shows by a whopping 90%. Yes, you read that right! You can send SMS notifications based on multiple Google Calendars, send to clients based on RSVP status of events, and send multiple calendar SMS messages for a single calendar event.

Enhancing Google Calendar with Reminders

Aardvark can help enhance your Google Calendar experience and business with our powerful SMS app. This feature allows you to send SMS reminders for events triggered directly off of a Google calendar event, ensuring that customers never forget their appointments.

Aardvark scans your calendar for phone numbers and sends out the perfect SMS message at the perfect time. With its seamless integration and user-friendly interface, Aardvark becomes an invaluable app for managing your schedules and reminders.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up SMS Reminders for Google Calendar

Now that we have understood the importance of SMS reminders in Google Calendar and how they can be enhanced with tools like Aardvark, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of setting them up. Whether it's the creation of a new event, an upcoming event, or a unconfirmed RSVP status, you can set up SMS reminders and messages for any trigger within Google Calendar.

Unlike other options that scan your calendar every 5 to 15 minutes, Aardvark can be precise up to the minute. When starting out, we recommend sending an SMS confirmation the day before and 10-15 min before the event.

Let’s break this process down into digestible steps.

Sign Into Your Google Account

To start the process, you need access to a Google account. Aardvark works with free or paid business accounts. Login or create your account and open Google calendar.

Integrate Calendar with Aardvark

Once you are signed into your Google account, the next step is to integrate your Google Calendar with Aardvark. Aardvark is an SMS reminder system that integrates with Google Calendar, allowing users to set up SMS reminders for events in their Google Calendar.

Sign into your Aardvark account or create one here. Then go to "Integrations", select Google Calendar, and approve permissions for the connection.

Connect Aardvark to CRM

The next step is to connect your CRM (such as HubSpot or Pipedrive) to Aardvark. This allows Aardvark to find the phone number to send to for every calendar event.

Aardvark will look at the mobile number and phone number property by default.

Create Templates

Use the default confirmation message or customize your message templates for more personalized reminders. Aardvark offers options for editing and incorporating relevant business or client details from your CRM. Click save when you're done.

Set Up Triggers

Setting up triggers ensures that you remind invitees on your calendar of at the right time and in the right scenarios.

Choose Calendar to Monitor

Each SMS reminder template allows you to choose which calendars to monitor and trigger off of. You can even match specifically to the name of the Google calendar event title.

Monitor Your Replies

The final step in setting up appointment text reminders is monitoring replies. Aardvark allows you to use your own unique sending number. Any replies to SMS reminders you send from supported countries will be forwarded as notifications immediately to the representative.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Text Reminders

Successfully setting up SMS reminders is a great achievement, but how do you make the most of them? There are specific strategies that can help you maximize the benefits of SMS reminders. Providing an opt-out method is one such strategy. This allows users to quickly unsubscribe from SMS reminders should they no longer wish to receive them.

Also ensure that you have permission from clients to send reminders to their mobile number. Make sure your client explicitly gave you their phone number. Most people do this on a form. For example with HubSpot, you can include a phone number field on the form users use to submit their data.

If i the EU, using a GDPR compliant system is also important.

Send Appointment Reminders Based on GCal's RSVP Status

Another effective strategy is to send appointment reminders based on Google Calendar’s RSVP status. Aardvark can message attendees who have not RSVP'd. A high performing message for improving attendence is "{Name}, I noticed you haven't confirmed our appointment yet. Are we still on tomorrow?"

Send Multiple Reminders

Lastly, sending multiple reminders can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your text reminders. This can be done by adding a notification in the Notifications section of the event details in Google Calendar. You can select the type or timing of the notification based on your preference. This ensures that your clients or attendees receive multiple reminders, reducing the chances of no-shows.

By using the send reminders feature, you can ensure that your clients or attendees are aware of the event.


In conclusion, automated text reminders can significantly improve your close rate and reduce no-shows. From setting up your Google account and integrating it with Aardvark, to customizing message templates and setting up triggers, each step contributes to a more efficient and organized scheduling system. So, make the most of your Google Calendar appointments and keep more meetings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Calendar send out text reminders?

Yes, Google Calendar can send out text reminders using 3rd party tools like Aardvark. While Google Calendar only sends email reminders natively, apps like Aardvark enable you to send SMS messages that are triggered directly off of your Google calendar events.

Can you set text reminders?

Yes, you can set text reminders using TextSpot’s SMS software. You can create a free account and start sending text message appointment reminders right away.

How do I send an appointment reminder text in Google Calendar?

To send an appointment reminder text in Google Calendar, connect Aardvark to your Google account, add the email and phone number of your contact, and create your calendar event in Google.

Can I send SMS appointment reminders from multiple Google Calendars?

Yes, you can send SMS appointment reminders from multiple Google Calendars. Simply edit your SMS message template and select which calendars you want to monitor.

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