Appointment Reminder Software for Recruiters and Staffing Firms

Are you seeking a solution for candidates missing interviews or appointments? Introducing Aardvark, a powerful SMS reminders tool for recruiters and staffing firms. Discover how Aardvark can transform your recruitment process by reducing no-shows, and fostering trust with your clients and candidates with sms reminders.

Key Takeaways:

Streamlined appointment reminders to reduce no-shows

Scheduling interviews takes work for recruitment teams and hiring managers. When your candidate no-show, it means wasting time on back and forth emails and phone calls all while juggling multiple schedules.

Aardvark offers a user-friendly software that integrates with your calendar and CRM, significantly reducing no-shows and improving your overall scheduling process. Use Aardvark’s automated reminders and say goodbye to manually reminding candidates about their appointments. It works seamlessly with your existing scheduling apps.

Aardvark's platform offers features like:

The Aardvark Advantage

Aardvark makes it easy to automatically send reminders so you can focus on more strategic recruitment challenges. Automated reminders enhances recruiter-candidate engagement, conserves time, minimizes costs, and reduces instances of missed appointments. This ultimately improves overall efficiency and revolutionizes your recruiting process.

Works with the tools you already use

Aardvark smoothly integrates with your existing CRM, calendar, and scheduling tools including platforms like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.

It also works smoothly whether you meet in person or through video conferencing on Google meet, Zoom, or any other video interviewing platform.

Time and cost savings

Aardvark’s software offers time and cost savings in the hiring process, including automatic appointment reminders and reducing the chances of no-shows or missed appointments. Ultimately, Aardvark helps recruiters save time, reduce costs, and focus on more strategic work, rather than getting stuck in the interview scheduling process.

How Aardvark Works

With a simple CRM and calendar integration, Aardvark is easy to use. Once connected, Aardvark automatically detects new and upcoming events and identifies contact information for upcoming appointments, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Customization options

Aardvark offers a feature-rich platform with customizable reminder messages, detailed sequences, and seamless integrations with popular calendar and CRM systems. Enhance engagement by personalizing your reminder messages and schedule detailed sequences of reminders for optimal communication.

Nurturing Trust with Aardvark

Smooth communication is essential for building trust in the recruitment process. Aardvark fosters healthy candidate interactions and strengthens relationships by ensuring effective communication, keeping your candidates always informed and engaged.

Get started with Aardvark today

Experience the unique advantages of Aardvark and transform your staffing operations. To start with Aardvark, create a free account today with your email and password on their website, integrate Aardvark with your CRM and scheduling tools, and trust in timely appointment reminders for your candidates.


It's hard work to schedule interviews and Aardvark’s appointment text reminder software can help recruiters and staffing firms make the most of each candidate. With seamless integrations, customizable features, and a user-friendly interface, Aardvark is an easy way to cut down on no shows, and unnecessary back and forth emails and phone calls. Experience the unique advantages of Aardvark and start building trust with your clients and candidates today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my entire hiring team?

Yes, Aardvark is built for teams. You can invite your entire team and view everyone's upcoming meetings, and upcoming reminders. You also can view deliverability of your SMS reminders to ensure everything is working as expected.

Is Aardvark interview scheduling software

No Aardvark does not replace your interview scheduling software but instead augments your existing interview scheduling tools with simple, yet advanced features that automate SMS reminders.

Does Aardvark work with video conferencing software

As long as the video conferencing link is in the calendar event, Aardvark will work with it. Whether you use Google meet, Zoom, Blue Jeans, or anything else, Aardvark will send SMS reminders that get candidates on your meeting platform.

Does it work with in-person appointments

Yes, we work equally well with in-person and video interviews. Candidates will always get the details on how to attend in their SMS reminders.

Is there a free plan?

While we don't offer a free plan, we do offer a free 14-day trial before starting a paid plan. Check out our pricing plans here.

Do you offer a discount for annual billing?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount for paying yearly versus monthly.

Do you offer custom pricing?

Yes, feel free to reach out if you want to chat.

How do time zones work?

Aardvark can send SMS reminders that include the time zone of your recipient if it is stored in your CRM. For example, HubSpot will automatically identify the candidate's time zone if they use HubSpot's interview scheduling tool.

Do you integrate with my calendar tools?

We support Google calendar and Outlook calendar.

Does Aardvark do automated scheduling

Aardvark is an SMS reminders service that works with your existing scheduling automation or appointment scheduling app. Recruiting agencies use Aardvark to enhance the scheduling features they already utilize